Ever wished you could write your life story?
Don’t know where to start? Not enough time?

My name is Marnie Summerfield Smith. I am a professional ghostwriter and journalist based in Whitstable, Kent (UK) and I can help.
Working together, we can have your story in your hands within weeks – your story that will live forever.
Already started writing? I offer a reading and editing service and can give advice and guidance on getting published.

Having a memoir written makes the perfect gift for parents, grandparents and other relatives on special birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. Gift vouchers are available.

For more about me, what I have written and my services, prices and testimonials, please visit www.yourmemoir.co.uk

I started Your Memoir in 2011. After ten years as a local and national freelance journalist, I moved into commercial ghosting and loved being able to write a whole book about a person, rather than just a short (by comparison) article. When people asked me what I did for a living and I told them I was a ghost, many of them said they’d love to have someone write their life story. And that’s how the idea of Your Memoir came about.

I love nothing more than getting in my little car, going to someone’s house for a cuppa and a heart to heart (biscuits and a friendly dog to cuddle a bonus). Back in the car, my mind is abuzz with my client’s tale and how I can help them tell it. I go home, listen to the recordings we’ve made and begin to type.

This blog is a place for me to write about my writing…


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for your comment and re-blogging my post on your blog here! Hello from Canada, and stay wonderful, following your heart. 🙂 You’re definitely an inspiration to many!

    – Jeff

  2. I have recently published a memoir, “Secrets of the Velvet Closet” and would like your review. This book is just over 50,000 words and follows the journey of a young woman from the age of seven to present day and the challenges she faced as a closeted lesbian only seeking acceptance, love, and a sense of self. From her early days growing up with an alcoholic mother and an absentee bible thumping father, this story begins with intolerance, and continues through two marriages, depression, alcoholism, abuse, adultery, and betrayal.

    My name Lena Rai. Being a Native American lesbian, I’m an established poet and an upcoming novelist. My work has been published in The international Library of Poetry. I’ve also had an award winning essay entitled, The Accomplishments of Gerald R. Ford as President of the United States for the Gerald R. Ford renaming ceremony in Grand Rapids, MI. I’m the author of two self published books of poetry, “Voices Silently Speak” and “Whispering a Lady’s Secret”. I also carry a successful blog that pertains to my poetry and personal life at http://lenarai.wordpress.com where I have many esteemed followers.

    • Many thanks Lena. Your memoir sounds really interesting and I have signed up for your blog. Unfortunately I don’t have time to do any reviews at the moment. All my reading time is spent reading research for my ghostwriting work. But I look forward to your blog posts. Warmest wishes, Marnie

    • Dear Diana, thank you so, so much. I am very grateful to you. I am off to look at the blog now. Apologies for the delay, I have just suffered a bereavement. Do keep me updated and once again, thank you – I am touched by this. Warmest wishes, Marnie

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